About GroundStone

GroundStone was established in 2015 with the aim of further exploiting the expertise of its seasoned professionals and their unique capabilities required to identify projects/companies that need qualified and capable support and management consulting in order to achieve successful implementation or turnaround.

  • Managing more than 25 million EUR in assets, GroundStone has an impressive track record of building up and restructuring companies, as well as an entrepreneurial nose for opportunities.
  • Our solid intellectual and financial base ensures our capacity to deliver on our commitments.

We have expertise and experience in a wide variety of industries: Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT), IT, Tourism and Real Estate. The mandates and roles differ from case to case, including active management, turnaround cases and direct financial investments with clear exit scenarios.

Our core team consists of people with proven track records and irrefutable reputation which are a substantial advantage in complex and demanding endeavors.

our team

At GroundStone, we understand the importance of a good partnership and value our partners.

  • Law Firm with a successful tradition in providing legal services, particularly on trade and commercial law, competition law and intellectual property rights protection

  • Tax Advisory and Accountancy Office with a proven track-record in providing high quality tax, accounting and financial advisory solutions