Investors, advisors and turnaround management consultants.

  • Identifying

    We focus on profitability and are on the constant lookout for opportunities. We have a proven track record in FMCG, real estate, tourism, ICT and telecom industry.
  • Building up

    If an investor is struggling, needs management support or a new strategy map, the GroundStone team is ready to step in and provide support on an equity basis.
  • Restructuring

    We aim to accomplish a win – win situation for debt and equity holders by objectively analyzing potential and aligning it with all stakeholders involved.


Our aim is to further identify projects/companies that need qualified and capable support and management consulting in order to achieve successful implementation or turnaround.


We provide valuable insights, transparency and security, industry knowledge and market understanding thus paving the way to success for foreign investors in Croatia.


We are deeply involved in our projects and consider ourselves to be more than mere consultants - we strive to not only uncover specific problems and tell you where to go for help, but actually offer solutions and execute them.


Managing more than 25 million in assets, GroundStone has an impressive track record of building up and restructuring companies, as well as an entrepreneurial nose for opportunities.

What makes us unique

Our core values are integrity, commitment, authenticity and excellence.

Our Values

Our background provides the unique network of people that possess distinctive knowledge and management experience.

Our Network

Our Team

Our core team consists of people with proven track records and irrefutable reputation which are a substantial advantage in complex and demanding endeavors.

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